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The bounding box is an imaginary rectangle drawn around a given object and it serves as the region of interest. If the objects in the image are black, and the background is white, we need to invert the image so. At a high level, here is the 5-step process for contour detection in OpenCV Read a color image.

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Continue exploring. At a high level, here is the 5-step process for contour detection in OpenCV Read a color image. .

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Thus, this detector can be used to detect the bounding boxes before doing Text Recognition. croptoboundingbox (img, offsetheight, offsetwidth, targetheight, targetwidth) Pasang kembali gambar dengan tf. findContours(thresh, cv2.

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NMSBoxes() function will return us the x and y coordinates and the width and height of the bounding boxes, and we can pass these values inside the rectangle() function to draw a rectangle around each detected object. CHAINAPPROXSIMPLE) f. Cell link copied. box for given coutour contours, cv2.